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August 14, 2013 English 9 HW: What are your two greatest accomplishments from vacation and what is your greatest disappointment? Explain in complete details and separate each idea into different paragraphs (1 par. for 1 accomplishment, another par. for the other, and a final par. for the disappointment). Req: 3/4 of a page (almost a full page) and multiple paragraphs.

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» Napolitano: ISIS Was One Of Many Similar Threats We Were Tracking
30/09/14 11:34 from NPR Topics: Nation
The former Homeland Security secretary and Arizona governor also talks about security improvements since the Sept. 11 attacks, and the frustrations and potential solutions to the immigration debate.

» Kids And Screen Time: Cutting Through The Static
30/09/14 09:03 from NPR Topics: Nation
One Los Angeles school is working technology into the learning process, while avoiding the traditional screen-time pitfalls.

» European Activists Say They Don't Want Any U.S. 'Chlorine Chicken'
30/09/14 07:37 from NPR Topics: Nation
Most U.S. poultry is bathed in a little chlorine on the way to your plate. But that treatment is banned in Europe. Now "chlorinated chickens" are a sticking point in a trans-Atlantic trade deal.

» Vaccine Controversies Are As Social As They Are Medical
30/09/14 07:35 from NPR Topics: Nation
In writing her new book On Immunity , Eula Biss found that questions about vaccination touch on attitudes about environmentalism, citizenship and trust in the government.